About Us

We are a team of professionals with proven track record in the food and beverage operations and management services, specializing in the management of large scale food court. Our area of expertise includes :
– conceptualization
– design and layout
– operation workflow and support
– management and system structure
Our Company position itself as the industry leader and pacesetter in the professional management of food court, food stalls and restaurant chain store operations by incorporating high quality services, excellent ambience dining experience, product varieties and added value for investment.
Values and Principles
– To establish ourselves as the leading F&B management company in the industry.
– To provide quality service through our professional integrity.
– To continuously improve on our system & operaton support system.
– To develop a sustainable business competitive edge, and
– Enforcing good corporate governance in the F&B businesses
Halal Certificate: JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/ 2 019-11/2010